Advanced Technology

The products of Scheffer are prepared considering all the climatic conditions and are produced with advanced German technology. Scheffer, which closely follows the technology, always uses advanced technology in order to achieve the best quality and in order not to compromise product quality.

International Quality Certifications

Scheffer which emphasis on both quality and esthetics, certificated its success with TSE, CE, ISO 9002, RAL and GOST certifications.

Wide Range of Products

Scheffer has a wide range of PVC Profiles products manufactured exclusively for every floor, from mass residences to villas. Profiles have various alternatives according to their usage areas and color options and produced specially for needs and preferences. Considering methods of ventilation, the produced windows have outward opening system in high-rise buildings. Scheffer dealers use high-quality accessories in all the products which provide proper operation of the windows.

Qualified Personnel

Scheffer has an experted,young, dynamic and professional team including engineers, sales representatives, consignors and masters. Scheffer Works diligently at every stage of its work in order to avoid compromising the quality and increases the team's expertise through in-service training.

Before and After Sales Services

Scheffer which perform production with esthetic and quality in the best way for customer satisfaction, continues after sales services. Scheffer gives warranties to all its products for the lifetime of the building.